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Above all, franchising in Sfinks means brands that are strong and approved by customers, and reliable restaurant concepts which constitute the success of running a business by a franchisee.


Sfinks enables restaurants to operate in the franchise model:


  • SPHINX restaurant - under the strongest Polish culinary brand as part of the largest and the most popular restaurant chain in Poland
  • WOOK restaurant - which enjoys popularity and is widely recognized among customers who belong to the chain which is the only one in Poland serving meals of Asian cuisine
  • Chłopskie Jadło restaurant - that is appreciated by admirers of a traditional Polish cuisine


Sfinks Polska chains specialize in the casual dining segment. These are restaurants with full customer service which offer everyday delicious meals of high quality at attractive prices.


What is more, restaurants of Express types: SPHINX Express and WOOK Express that are currently tested according to a new concept will be an interesting solution for franchisees. They will be based on brands that have been already known and appreciated by customers: Sphinx and WOOK, yet they will operate in the fast casual dinning segment that is without the customer service. Thanks to smaller space requirements it will be easier to gain useful localization, the time of adaptation the space will be shorter, and investments expenses will decrease.


The next advantage of franchise model in Sfinks Polska is the possibility of development of one’s own business by paralel running few restaurants of different types and under different brands. The most entreprising franchisees of Sfinks run at the same time even several Sphinx and WOOK restaurants.


Franchisees may rely on the full support from the central office in the scope of running the restaurant. Each franchisee receives from the company the detailed regulations concerning running the restaurant of a given type; the regulations are explained in the operational textbook which is the part of the license. Sfinks organizes also several training courses regarding opening and running the restaurants. The courses concern the current chain standards, menu, prescriptions of the meals, the ways of preparing the food, price offer, maintaing the quality norms, and customer service principles. The courses are cyclically repeated during the period of cooperation and they are not only for franchisees, but also for their main workers.


Sfinks Polska franchisees take advantage of additional privileges resulted from the affiliation to a large chain, such as: central supply of the goods and products to the restaurants. What is more, entrepreneurs may count on marketing support and the participation in the promotional actions organized for chains in Poland or in a given region.


Sfinks requires from franchisees neither the experience in the gastronomy sector nor the specialist knowledge. Only entrepreneurship, initiative, the ability of organizing the work for oneself and for others, and the will of personal involvement in running a business are the most important factors. Having the space for the property is also not required. Sfinks as the franchisor is responsible for rent the space, and then together with franchisee work under adaptation, design, and the equipment of the space. When the restaurant is fully equipped, the franchisee starts running it.


Sfinks is also responsible for the preparation and implementation of the menu and meals prescriptions that are offered in all restaurants of the chain. Then, Sfinks analyzes and chooses the chief suppliers of goods and products and it runs the pricing policy in the restaurants. What is more, during the whole term of the agreement, Sfinks supervises the activity of a restaurant by monitoring its results and maintaining standards and quality control.


Franchisee within the framework of the licence pays primary charge and monthly fees.


If you are interested in the cooperation within the framework of franchising, please fill the form below