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IV 2022 Zakończenie restrukturyzacji.  Spółka realizuje postanowienia układu restrukturyzacyjnego.
XII 2011 Piaseczno – new company’s seat
I 2011 2011 Share capital increase after the emission of series J shares
II 2011 Opening of the first Sphinx Express restaurant
IV 2010 Acceptance of 2010-2014 development strategy
VI 2010 Share capital increase through issuance of series H shares
IIX - XII 2009 Implementation of Quality and Effectiveness Programme in the chains of restaurants, preparation of a new model concerning the cooperation with franchisees, signing new franchise contracts Improvement Programme
VI 2009 A fresh start with a new Board of Directors with two significant shareholders: Sylwester Cacek and Tomasz Morawski
III 2009 AmRest sells all shares of SfP Holdings US, which holds Sfinks stocks, to OrsNet company belonging to Sylwester Cacek
IX 2008 AmRest purchases Sfinks Polska shares and this gives them the right to 32,99 % total number of votes in General Meeting of Shareholders
I 2008 Purchase of shares in Shanghai Express company which runs the restaurants of Chinese cuisine under the WOOK name
I 2008 Opening of Sphinx restaurant in the Czech Republic and another one in Hungary
XII 2007 Opening of Sphinx restaurant in Hungary and another one in Romania
VI 2006 Debute of Sfinks Polska on the Warsaw Exchange Stock
IV 2006 Chłopskie Jadło Purchase
VII 2002 Polish Enterprise Fund IV L.P., managed by Enterprise Investors, purchases 38,97% stocks of Sfinks Polska
XI 2001 Sfinks Polska’s first listing in the Central Table of Offers
VIII 1999 Sfinks Polska Start-Up
I 1995 Opening of the first Sphinx restaurant 2011