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Sfinks opened 4 new restaurants

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Sfinks Polska, the company which manages the Sphinx, WOOK, and Chłopskie Jadło restaurant chains, has just opened new Sphinx restaurants in Zduńska Wola near Łódź, and Książ Wielki, located near the national road No. 7. Just a few days ago a new restaurant was also opened in the immediate vicinity of Cracow’s Market Square. Also in June, a new Sphinx launched in Zgierz. All four restaurants operate as franchises. As a result, a total of 7 new restaurants have been opened under the brand name Sphinx in the first half-year of 2012.

“In line with our assumptions, we have launched seven new Sphinx restaurants in the first half of the year. They have opened both in big cities, whose inhabitants are perfectly familiar with our chain, and in smaller towns, where Sphinx has appeared for the first time,” says Mariola Krawiec-Rzeszotek, the vice-President of Sfinks Polska. ”The recently-opened Sphinx at Grodzka street, which is our fifth restaurant in Cracow, is perfectly located. Without doubt, it will be a restaurant popular not only with the inhabitants of the capital of Małopolska, but also with tourists visiting the Cracow’s market square. On the other hand, by opening new restaurants in Zgierz, Zduńska Wola and Książ Wielki, we expand the reach of our chain into further Polish towns,” adds the vice-President of Sfinks.


Apart from the four restaurants launched in June, the Sphinx chain has grown through new restaurants in Łódź, Kutno and Starogard Gdański. The plans for this year predict a similar number of openings as in 2011, when 15 new restaurants launched.